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A Quick Guide to Jogging Stroller Wheels


One of the ways that you can regain your pre-pregnancy body is by jogging. You can go jogging with your toddler if you have a stroller.


There are many type of jogging strollers in the market. You should read reviews of top umbrella stroller to know which one will be right for your situation. If you have previously used a traditional stroller, you know that they are not easy to jog with as they cannot absorb any shocks when passing over uneven terrain. However, with jogging strollers, things are different. These strollers ensure the baby is comfortable even when you go over different types of bumpy surfaces.


You can start your research on various baby strollers on the Internet. The gears are expensive and the last thing you want is to end up with one that does not fit your lifestyle. This is why it is important to research on the gears you wish to buy. One of the things you should research is the wheels.


Jogger Stroller Wheels
One of the features that stand out in jogger strollers is their wheels. Traditional strollers have four wheels. However, jogger strollers have three that measure from 12 - 24 inches in diameter. These wheels are much larger when compared to those of traditional strollers.


The wheels of jogger strollers are made from soft air-filled rubber and resemble small bicycle tires. However, like is expected of any air-filled tires, the stroller tires are bound to get flat after some time. Therefore, it is important to check these regularly to ensure they are in top condition. The good news is you can easily inflate them using a bike pump.


On the other hand, the wheels of traditional strollers are made of solid rubber or hard plastic. These wheels cannot move over bumps without transferring shock to the baby.


Should You Choose a Swivel or Fixed Front Wheel?
Depending on the jogging stroller you chose, the front wheel may either be a fixed or swivel type. The type of wheel you go for does really matters as it can determine how comfortable you will be while jogging.


Like the name suggests, a fixed wheel cannot be moved since it's locked in a single position. This makes it difficult turn the stroller in corners. On the other hand, a swivel front wheel can easily turn in corners.


The above is an overview of the wheels used in jogging strollers.


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